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Con frecuencia necesito modelos para mis fotografías; Me encantaría contar con usted para futuros proyectos. Además, con la suscripción obtendrá promociones exclusivas y una guía gratuita con tips sobre cómo hacer excelentes fotos con su teléfono celular!


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Tribute Project - Fotografía Glamorosa de Mascotas en estudio y al aire libre.
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Tribute ProjectTribute Project: The last gift.

The tribute project it’s a tribute to the life of our pet; his last gift. A special gift to show respect, gratitude, admiration, and compassion, but most importantly: Love.

I offer this service to all those who are prepared to say goodbye. It is absolutely free of charge. I’ll be accompanying and capturing images that reflect the blessing and the joy of sharing a life with a noble soul, who brought happiness to your life, and let memories linger forever in those images, and in the hearts of all the family members.

Speaking about celebrating life and saying goodbye sounds easy, but it really isn’t, and that is why I want to join you in that beautiful moment, in the comfort of your home,  in the company of loved ones, with no time limit, capturing the best images.

No matter which kind of animal you have, dog, cat, bird, rabbit; I am happy and grateful to be there, because I’m an animal lover, and because I think that everyone deserves a tribute.

I know how it feels to lose an important part of the family and to not have any happy memories, and this is what has motivated me to create this project which is absolutely free, for those who are ready to say goodbye. If you are or know someone who is, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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