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The Tribute of Sunni

Today I feel particularly emotional and sensitive. When I decided to create Tribute Project, I imagined what this would mean for me, emotionally. But, one thing is imagine it and another, to live it. Maybe I’m a masochist! But, I confess, I would not change anything, I´m in deeply love what I’m doing. I love every second and every “click” dedicated to the most beautiful, pure and genuine souls who exist in this world. Every day, I connect more with those eyes. Eyes full of gratitude. Our pets are wonderful beings from another dimension who have come to join us and to teach us. They give to us their life, unconditionally. But they have their limited time. Their wisdom, their lessons, their love, are eternal.

Yesterday I did a tribute to Sunni. And Sunni, through my images, did a tribute to her family … A Tribute to Life and Love.

Sunni is 16 years old and an advanced arthritis. She was adopted being a puppy. Christinna was 9 years old. Both have been together practically all life …

 Sunni, her last gif (Tribute Project).

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