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Con frecuencia necesito modelos para mis fotografías; Me encantaría contar con usted para futuros proyectos. Además, con la suscripción obtendrá promociones exclusivas y una guía gratuita con tips sobre cómo hacer excelentes fotos con su teléfono celular!


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Made with love by Nela Conde

Nela Pet Photography I Fotografía para Animales en Costa Rica
Fotografía para Animales en Costa Rica. Fotografía Glamorosa de Mascotas en estudio y al aire libre.
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Hi my name is Nela!.

I am a graphic designer and photographer with more than 15 years of experience. After practicing my profession for several years, I decided to dedicate myself to what I’m most passionate about: animals. As lover and defender of animals, I combine my passion and my skills, capturing through my lens, their soul, personality, character, joy, and love that only animals know how to express. It’s an honor to do this job, rather than a service that I provide; it’s a pleasure to work with animals because it is a gift to me. I am not friends of the word “pet”, since I consider them part of our families, but it is the right word to be found in the internet world.

I believe that dogs, cats (and any animal that we share our lives with) are part of our family, and they deserve a place on the wall or on the table with the rest of the family photos. Their journey on this planet deserves to be documented with professional photography. It is not a small thing; it’s important!

One day I read the following sentence: “That our pets live such short lives is a fraud on love” and I absolutely agree, that’s why I put my soul and my heart in every photograph that I take, because I know how important are your pets for you; I feel the same for my furry babies.

Each session is for me source of enjoyment, gratitude, and excitement!. It’s okay if your pet is not trained!! My specialty is the spontaneous photography, and I learned this developing my patience and my ability to be “present” at the moment, and my teachers have been and are my models. Each session is an adventure, an opportunity to celebrate life!

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